In 2021, IAPC-UK was formed as the official UK territorial chapter, of the International Association of Psychology and Counseling, with its founding Country Chair being Transpersonal Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Paul Dunne. In 2023, the IAPC Board on the recommendation of Paul Dunne, appointed Steve Richards as the in-coming Country Chair for the UK, with Steve and Paul working together to form a team to assist IAPC in developing beyond the UK, into the European Union, and territories around the world.

This team, a Curatorium, of experienced, clinicians and academics, takes responsibility for the management of IAPC-UK, locally, with accountability to the IAPC Board, in the United States.

IAPC-UK holds to the founding vision, principles and ethos of IAPC.

One of its many responsibilities, is the establishment of an independent clinical register. This register is comprised of modality-based divisions, with registrants obliged to demonstrate, that their training and experience, is the equal, or beyond, of the recognised standards within the profession.

Membership of IAPC-UK is through membership of IAPC.