Clinical Register Requirements

The UK Clinical Register of the International Association of Psychology and Counseling (IAPC) lists members of the Association, based in the UK, who have met criteria for listing:

Entry Routes

(i) Qualified for UK Professional Standards Authority Accredited Voluntary Register.
(ii) Equivalent to the above, or higher.
(iii) Equivalent to the above, through cumulative professional experience, or through the Independent Practitioners Network (IPN) process.

Criteria for Registration

(i) Registrants must be a current member of IAPC. Click here to visit their website.
(ii) Registrants must meet acceptable standards for their modality(s). The modality descriptions can be viewed on our Clinical Register page.
(iii) Registrants must accept the ethos and mission statement of IAPC.
(iv) Registrants must be insured – either through the IAPC group scheme or equivalent.
(v) Registrants must accept the Code of Ethics and Practice, and Complaints Procedure.
(vi) Registration is renewable annually.
(vii) A digital registration certificate will be issued, dated for 12 months membership.
(viii) Registrants must demonstrate appropriate CPD, within their renewable period of annual registration.
(ix) Free entry to register upon meeting the above criteria.
(x) Annual registrant audit must satisfy above.

Categories of Membership

(i) Member ~ Post-Nominal: MIAPC (UK) (Member)
(ii) Accredited Member ~ Post-Nominal: MIAPC (UK) (Accredited)
(iii) Senior Accredited Member ~ Post-Nominal: MIAPC (UK) (Senior Accredited)
(iv) Fellow ~ Post-Nominal: FIAPC (UK) (FIAPC represents senior clinicians who have made a significant contribution to the professions of psychology, psychotherapy or counselling).


If you are a Professional Member of IAPC based in the US, and wish to be included on the UK Clinical Register, please email with the following:

(i) Your Full Name
(i) Your Location (Town/City, State)
(i) Your Preferred Email Address
(i) Profile Photo
(i) A brief professional bio